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Zinc Electroplating

Zinc electroplating parts


Zinc electroplating can be defined as: the electrodeposition process in which a substrate metal such as mild steel is covered with a layer of zinc. Zinc electroplating is then passivated to provide its high corrosion resistance and extended lifetime of the substrate metal. We offer zinc plating with clear passivation which produces a blue tinted layer. This clear passivate is close in appearance to a natural zinc finish, but has significantly better corrosion resistance long term.


Zinc electroplating offers more than just excellent protection against corrosion. It provides a great base for powder or paint coating. Also, it incurs low costs as zinc can be found in abundance; therefore it is viewed as a more cost effective plating process.


We provide zinc and clear passivation using fully automated lines, rack and barrel. With a wide range of micron thicknesses available up to 25 microns. We offer a range of specifications including BS EN. We are able to plate to the dimensions of: 2.4m x 0.66m x 1.5m.


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