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Adopting The Four-Day Work Week

Over the last three months we have been trialling a four-day workweek here at Ferndown Finishing. As this period now comes to an end, we are pleased to announce that our four-day workweek trial has been a success!

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Giving our team Fridays off to reset, recharge, and do the things that bring them joy has resulted in a positive out

come for the company. We have found that working smarter, not harder can be just as effective for both us as a business and our valued customers. For these reasons, this is why we have decided to move Ferndown Finishing permanently to a four-day workweek.

Please be assured this four-day workweek doesn’t mean any less support for our customers. Importantly, our service and turnaround has not been affected by this change and our commitment to our customers remains as strong as our commitment to our team.


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