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Zinc Electroplating

We offer zinc plating with clear passivation which produces a blue tinted layer.

This clear passivate is close in appearance to a natural zinc finish, but has significantly better corrosion resistance long term. 

We operate using fully automated lines, as well as rack and barrel which allows economic benefit for larger quantities of smaller parts. 

We are able to plate to the dimensions of: 2.4m x 0.66m x 1.5m.

Our maximum automated line weight is 70kg.

Our barrel maximum weight is 40kg. 

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Treatment Tank Dimensions


Zinc electroplating can be defined as: the electrodeposition process in which a substrate metal such as mild steel is covered with a layer of zinc. Zinc electroplating is then passivated to provide its high corrosion resistance and extended lifetime of the substrate metal. 

The zinc plating process, including passivation, is entirely chromium VI free and so meets the requirements of the latest legislation. 

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