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Tin Electroplating

We offer bright acid tin plating in fully automated lines, rack and barrel.


We can plate onto: mild steel, copper and brass. 

Between 5 and 10 microns can be achieved. 

The benefits to tin plating: enhances aesthetics, conductivity and solderability.

Our maximum weight is 15kg. 

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The metal substrate to be tin plated is placed into a container containing a solution of one or more tin salts that are dissolved in water. An electric current is run through the water causing the tin ions to be attracted to the substrate producing a thin coating of tin. The electroplated metal is then briefly heated above the melting point of tin resulting in a smooth and shiny finish. It is effective for decorative purposes, adding solderability, electrical conductivity and corrosion protection to the metal substrate. Tin plating is widely used in industries such as: automotive, electrical, electronics, telecommunications, aerospace and more. 

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