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Sulphuric Anodising

An electrolytic treatment for aluminium that produces a coating of aluminium oxide. We offer clear anodise as well as a variety of colours: black, gun metal grey, red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink and gold.

By altering the dyeing process, we are able to achieve a range of shades. We are happy to provide colour samples.

The standard micron thickness range for this finish is 5 to 25 microns.

Beyond this range hard anodising is required. 

Nickel acetate seal, demineralised hot water seal and PTFE seal (providing the lowest coefficient of friction of any solid) are also available.

We are able to anodise to the dimensions of: 2.4m x 0.8m x 0.9m

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Treatment Tank Dimensions


Sulphuric acid anodising occurs as a result of electrolysis. Using electricity and a sulphuric acid electrolytic solution, oxidation of the aluminium surface occurs to form a thin, hard film of aluminium oxide. This surface treatment provides excellent corrosion resistance and can be dyed in a range of colours. The sulphuric acid anodising process, including passivation, is entirely chromium VI free and so meets the requirements of the latest legislation. 

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