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Choosing The Right Electroplating Method

Zinc parts


Choosing an appropriate electroplating method is crucial for achieving optimal results. In order to accomplish a flawless finish, the substrate must be examined based on its dimensions and shape. These factors determine which process is used to plate. Commonly applied processes for plating large quantities are: barrel and rack.


Barrel plating involves the placing of multiple parts inside a barrel which contains centre bars that are situated to conduct the electrical current.

This method consists of the barrel rotating slowly while immersed in the electrolytic plating solution. As a result, this allows the parts to descend, providing a uniform coating.

Barrel plating namely enhances corrosion resistance and therefore increases aesthetic appeal of the substrate.

It is an extremely cost effective method for high volume, small parts.


Parts are mounted to a jig known as a rack and immersed in a plating solution bath.

Metal hooks offer the required electrical contact while holding the parts stationary. A uniform thickness is attained since the rack can hold various parts which are plated at the same time.

This method is better suited to delicate parts which cannot withstand the tumbling of the barrel such as complex/large components.


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