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Documenting the latest industry and business news and information for our valued customers and plating community. 

Adopting The Four-Day Work Week

Discover why we have chosen to adopt the four-day working week and what effect it has had on our team.


Zinc Plating 

The basics on the zinc plating process and its general benefits to the substrate.  

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Alocrom 1200 Alternatives

We discuss the basics of Alocrom 1200 and the safer solutions that we can provide for aluminium substrates and its alloys.

White Foam

Newsletter: August 2023

This month's newsletter highlights the journey we have been on with rebranding this year so far. A new logo, website and uniform has all contributed to building a brand that reflects our expansion. 

Concrete Building

Newsletter: June 2023

June sees the commence of our newsletter. Sharing relevant and valuable information with our network.

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